WWE Raw 8/8/22

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Rawtalk

We start the week with one of the company’s main shows, we leave you a preview of the program with all the information on what they will offer tonight.

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Bobby Lashley’s Defense

After he won one of the opportunities at stake after the two triple threats, he gets his most crucial main roster match. Despite this, he has the support of the Miz to win a grand championship. It is a great rivalry between the red brand, and Ciampa is excited to have a significant opportunity in the company.

Women’s tournament for the championships in pairs

An opportunity for all the women on the roster. He arrives two months late and without knowing the teams that will be participating. With the Triple H effect, new surprises are expected; not only that, several want to obtain the titles, we must think about the growth of stable Control.

Judgment Day torments the Mysteries.

After the end of last week with a spear from Edge to Dominik, there are many questions. Despite this, the fight between Rey and Finn has been announced. They already faced each other in July before their duel in the summer’s hottest event. The veteran who celebrates his 20 years of history hopes to achieve a victory.

Bianca waits defiantly

Nobody knows who will be the rival in the next PPV of the brand’s champion. So it may be time for them to confirm a new fight for the PPV on September 3 in Europe.

The Usos look for challengers.

The undisputed unified champions continue to reign in both brands with these championships. The doubts are evident; nobody knows if the Viking Raiders are the challengers or, on the contrary, we will have a new team in search of these titles.