WWE Raw 8/15/22

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 RawTalk

We start the week with one of the company’s main shows, such as the WWE RAW red mark, and on Watch wrestling your WWE website, we leave you a preview of the program with all the information on what they will offer tonight.

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Exclusive interview with Riddle

After several attacks bordering on the immoral by Rollins, it is time to know the reaction of his next opponent. It was a blow to see how the injury left them sidelined from the hottest event of the summer. But the rivalry continues to rise with each appearance of the fighters.

Riddle wants revenge, and Rollins promises to continue injuring any talent that interferes with his plans to win the two most important championships. Everything seems destined for a clash in the company’s next PPV.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka VS Nikki ASH & Dewdrop

A new match in the trio championship tournament will decide the new queens of the division. Not only that, it will be the first time we see the face couple team up in the tournament. A great rivalry between both teams is promised with a single goal in the tournament.

Bobby Lashley (c) VS Aj Styles

They’ve both been TNA champions; they’ve been world champions. With a great trajectory in recent months. A collision that promises to give the best fight of the whole night. The challenges for the championship have returned every week. The importance of titles needs to be reinvigorated, and Lashley is poised to be able to defend in another title match for him.