WWE NxT UK 9/1/22

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As every week we bring you the highlights and important of WWE NXT UK . For the edition of this program we will have the final of the tournament for the vacant NXT UK Championship after Ilja Dragunov was injured, giving rise to the last weekly event of the WWE European brand. The WWE NXT 2.0 roster invite will also be included .

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Tyler Bat vs. Trent Seven. Fight for the vacant NXT UK Championship.

With a betrayal in between, the ex-partners conclude their journey by reaching the grand finale in search of crowning a new Maximum Champion who proudly represents the colors of the European WWE brand.

The two founding fathers of the brand will put an end to their rivalry, the veteran Trent Seven will seek to prevail against the young prodigy, Tyler Bate in a meeting that will reach the emotional and the technical, with the best material for the BritWres.

Blair Davenport vs. Dawn Island vs. Amale vs. Elizabeth Alexander. She fights to be the number one contender for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

After the chaos made weeks ago due to the desperation for a title opportunity against Meiko Satomura, the best four fighters of NXT UK will compete to determine an ultimate challenger who can face the Final Boss.