WWE NxT UK 8/18/22

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Part 1

Every week we bring you the highlights and essentials of WWE NXT UK . For the edition of this program, we will have the second part of the tournament for the vacant NXT UK Championship after Ilja Dragunov was injured. The WWE NXT 2.0 roster invite will also be included.

What will we see today in WWE NXT UK?

Tyler Bat vs. Kenny Williams. First Round of the Tournament.

The two faces of the monda in the subject of betrayals. Tyler Bate plays the role of the person recently betrayed by Trente Seven, and Kenny Williams is Amir Jordan’s killer.

Tyler Bate will face a paranoid Kenny who will seek in every possible way to gain the upper hand, no matter what methods are required to defeat one of the founders of NXT UK.

Mark Andrews vs. Joe Coffee. First Round of the Tournament.

Two old rivals collide again, recalling the past war between GALLUS and Sub-Culture during the pandemic. Andrews will demonstrate his athletic prowess, while Joe Coffey will put his physical stamina to work.

Amale vs. Nina Samuels.

With the path for the women’s title in the middle, “La Esperanza Francesa,” A male seeks to resume her winning streak to position herself as a future challenger against Meiko Satomura. However, Nina has been an obstacle that has prevented Amale’s rise.