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WWE stars have the privilege of traveling the world and meeting a large number of fans. That is one of the positive parts of this business, despite the fact that fame often takes its toll and talents have to deal with really uncomfortable situations .

In early February, a video of Rey Mysterio at an airport went viral because he refused to sign a large number of items from various people waiting for him in the pre-boarding area. Seeing the number of items and the supposed intentions of their owners, Mysterio backed down and wanted to continue his journey. The video sparked a lot of discussion about signature hunters, people who get a large number of autographs on items to later sell them at a high price.

The video circulated so much on the network that WWE decided to put letters on the matter, recommending its stars not to sign autographs outside of working hours. This order was heightened after Liv Morgan was involved in another awkward moment.

The debate has been made public again in the last few hours with the publication of two new videos, one by Kevin Owens and the other by Alexa Bliss . The Alexa Bliss video has gone viral due to the large number of figures from the Funko brand that signed a boy. That person approached the fighter and asked her to sign an article, although she ended up signing many more . “Just a couple more,” she commented after Alexa Bliss signed the first Funko. “Thank you so much for your time. I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. Just a couple more. Last one, thanks so much. I appreciate it.”