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WWE will broadcast this Friday a new episode of Friday Night SmackDown from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Until then, we tell you the most important thing about the show in the previous WWE SmackDown June 17, 2022.

Riddle will challenge Roman Reigns in a match for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship

On the June 10 edition of Watch WWE Smackdown 6/17/22, Sami Zayn went toe-to-toe with Riddle in the main event of SmackDown. If Riddle lost that match, he would be banned from the blue mark forever. However, when he won, Riddle got a starting opportunity against Roman Reigns!

However, the following Monday on Raw, Paul Heyman dropped a bombshell when he revealed a special stipulation that had been added to the matchup: if Riddle loses the match, he can never challenge for the title again as long as Roman is the champion.

Max Dupri will present his first client in Maximum Male Models

After bursting onto the scene several weeks ago and creating a buzz for Maximum Male Models, Max Dupri is finally ready to welcome his first client.

And so far the previous WWE SmackDown June 17, 2022.