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USA Network will air NXT’s UK 472th weekly show tonight.

WWE confirms the hiring of Bea Priestley for NXT UK

WWE announced last night, during the NXT UK broadcast, the signing of Bea Priestley. The fighter will be part of the British brand from now on. “I have fought for the whole world. I have sacrificed everything to get where I am today,” Priestley declared before the cameras of NXT UK. “I’ve given up on friends; I’ve given up on family to dominate what I do. Did you think that I wouldn’t end up being part of the biggest women’s division in the world? Blair Davenport has come to NXT UK .” In early April, wrestler Bea Priestley played her last match at STARDOM. He had a starting shot against Utami Hayashishita but failed to clinch the World of Stardom Championship. After the fight, he took the microphone, revealed his affection for Utami, Momo, and Stardom. He thanked the company for his stay and announced that this was his last fight. Bea Priestley, 25, is a British wrestler who has stood out on the Indie, Japan, and All Elite Wrestling scene in recent years. Her career at STARDOM stands out, where she was a World Of Stardom champion for almost half a year.

Additionally, he won the Goddess Of Stardom championships with Jamie Hayter and Konami and the Artist Of Stardom championship. On October 16, 2020, Priestley made his first appearance on New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he interfered in the Will Ospreay match against Kazuchika Okada. In the final of the latest edition of the New Japan Cup, Ospreay betrayed Priestley, his real-life partner, knocking her out with the OsCutter after winning the cup and facing off with Kota Ibushi. That was his last appearance at the company.

Match Card

  • The English fighter was featured on NXT UK as Blair Davenport
  • Bea Priestley struck a deal with WWE in early 2021

NXT Live Streaming location, date, and start time

  • Date: July 8th, 2021 8 PM EST ( , 2021 6:30 AM IST )
  • Venue: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida


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