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Watch WWE NxT UK 3rd June Preview

This week’s segment for the unfamiliar storyline or concept included the phrase “opening soon,” which gives an idea of ​​what it will be like. The promo features male and female athletes training on an MMA stage .

WWE’s synopsis for the latest The Diamond Mine video reads: “The Diamond Mine is opening soon. NXT is about to find out what The Diamond Mine is about.”

The McMahon company first aired the MMA-themed segment in late April . Since then they have repeated that segment a few more times, but this week’s promo was a bit different and included the phrase “Opening Soon”. WWE has had plans for The Diamond Mine since at least the end of 2020, as they registered the mark on December 30.

In April, it was noted that the segment featured some athletes using Fusion X-Cel brand name bags. Fusion X-Cel is a fitness center based in Ocoee, Florida, that teaches MMA for adults and children, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and kickboxing among other contact sports. Ocoee is just 20 minutes from Orlando where the WWE Performance Center is located. For what it’s worth, Fusion X-Cel also has a professional wrestling team with several MMA fighters in their ranks. Ronoldo “Jacare” Souza, “Platinum” Mike Perry, Alex “Spartan” Nicholson, Alan “Nuguette” Patrick, Julien “J Smoove” Williams, Jorge Patino “Macaco”, Phil “Fresh” Rowe, Rodolfo “Black Belt Hunter” Vieira , Jakob “Bubba” Scheffel, Rafael Souza, Ben “Killa B” Saunders, Cleveland McLean, Thiago “Bananinha” Belo, Lucas Alexander, Matt Ferraiolo, Angel Mercado, 

It is not known for sure if WWE is creating a brand from MMA to NXT, or if the new talents of the yellow brand will debut with some kind of fighter gimmick. However, we should have a better idea about this project as “The Diamond Mine is opening soon” .

Quick Hits

  • The next wave of layoffs would affect the WWE NXT UK roster
  • Some of the wrestlers fired in this 2021 by WWE are Andrade, Samoa Joe, The Velveteen Dream, Jessamyn Duke or Mickie James



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