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Former wrestler and WWE legend, Shawn Michaels, has ensured that he is currently a producer of the British brand, NXT UK. In an interview for the show ‘Rasslin’, Michaels has revealed that he has found himself producing the latest batch of recordings for the company.

HBK has explained how he got into the NXT brand. “It all started one day when I was a coach. Triple H came to me and told me to get into the brand, to give my ideas, that I would enjoy it and that I would split it. And he did it knowing that he knows me and that in a short time I would be more involved ”, he assured.

To then enter the English brand. “Now I have been producing NXT UK. They have been very confident in putting the brand in my hands , but I also do absolutely everything I can at NXT in America. Producing, directing, I help absolutely in every way that I can ”.

In the interview, they also talked about how the backstage of NXT works, the atmosphere that there is and also how veterans like Adam Cole or Finn Bálor help young people and vice versa. Shawn Michaels wanted to highlight these aspects in a wardrobe where there is a lot of good vibes.

Everything is great and will continue to grow. You’ve mentioned a lot of prominent names with a solid foundation, but you don’t mention others like Cameron Grimes or LA Knight, and that’s what’s great about NXT. There are a lot of people, there is a lot of diversity and there are many styles . Here we have not left that fun and pleasant stage in which wrestling is in its purest state and you do it out of pure passion and love for doing it.

They see our passion and our love for pouring into them the best knowledge and skill that we have , and that’s why I think it all works out for all of us. It really is an amazing group out there both in front and behind, and there is an amazing culture down here that everyone enjoys and buys. “

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  • The ex-wrestler of the company reveals that he has assumed a position of producer of the British WWE brand



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