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WWE will broadcast a new episode of NXT 2.0 this Tuesday. As usual we’ll tell you the highlights of the show in the preview of the WWE NXT 2.0 episode on July 26, 2022.

Diamond Mine and Tony D’Angelo’s family face off in a tag team match

Despite their disputes, Diamond Mine will face Tony D’Angelo’s family accompanied by Cruz del Toro and Joaquin Wilde. After being defeated on several occasions, Diamond Mine will seek to solve all their problems when they face Tony D’Angelo and his entire entourage.

Apollo Crews ready to fight with Xyon Quinn

Claiming he is the future of NXT 2.0, Apollo Crews burst onto the scene with his sights set on a future title shot though Xyon Quinn was quick to remind him that he is the next big thing. Words became actions as Quinn jumped over the arena barricade to attack Crews during his fight with Giovanni Vinci. After the ambush, Quinn backed Crews into the ring, allowing Vinci to pummel his foe and win the match. Now that Quinn finally has his one-on-one showdown with Crews, will he be able to show off his supposed “X Factor” or can Crews get one step closer to a potential title shot?

Wes Lee looks to defeat Grayson Waller

After participating in the NXT Great American Bash, Wes Lee continued his journey to the top of NXT 2.0 even though an obstacle stood in his way, Grayson Waller. After costing him the NXT North American Championship after attacking Trick Williams, the Australian put Lee down, stating that his life sucks. Immediately afterwards, both superstars agreed to a fight for the next week. Who will emerge victorious when these two superstars battle it out?

Giovanni Vinci prepares to teach Bodhi Hayward a lesson in style

Giovanni Vinci continues on his way in NXT 2.0 and no one has been able to stop him during this short but intense journey. After Chase University used their bus to block Vinci in the NXT parking lot, Vinci decided to teach star student Bodhi Hayward a lesson in a style match. Will Vinci show Hayward what “class” really means? And so far the previous WWE NXT. Remember that we will update as more information comes out.

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