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Paige is preparing her autobiography.

These are new times for Saraya Jade-Bevis, better known as Paige in WWE. Now, in this new stage away from the company in which she was under contract for 10 years, Saraya begins new projects such as the preparation of her autobiography.

Speaking with Renee Paquette at The Sessions, the 30-year-old commented on her present and highlighted that she is writing her memoirs, a project with which she is enthusiastic,

Right now we’re going to be putting together a book, so I’m really excited about it. I haven’t told anyone about him yet. I am like a cat, I have nine lives. A lot of people haven’t been through what I’ve been through and it’s crazy how I dealt with people who don’t know me. I’m glad I got through all that early, because imagine having a midlife crisis, I guess that’s just around the corner anyway.

Within the world of wrestling, the future is certainly uncertain for Paige. The injury that made her unable to fight again continues to prevent the doctors from giving her a medical discharge to compete, but she has been very positive about this matter, so we should not rule out seeing her in the ring again.