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After her departure from WWE, Mercedes Monè has become one of the main fighters outside the company. Her participation in NJPW is helping her to consolidate in Japan, where she has decided to relocate permanently to continue working on her career there.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Mercedes Moné stated that she aims to become one of the best fighters of all time and hopes that her name will be as recognized as that of legends like John Cena, The Rock or Kenny Omega.

I’m not the best female wrestler, I’m the best wrestler.

When you think of John Cena, The Rock or Kenny Omega, I won’t stop until people think of Mercedes Moné in the same way.

Mercedes Monè will return to action this Sunday to face Mayu Iwatani at STARDOM All Star Grand Queendom in a match for the IWGP Women’s Championship.