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This Wednesday, at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17, Shingo Takagi, Great O-Khan, SHO and Toru Yano were the four survivors in the New Japan Ranbo that took place on the pre-show of the event. The four wrestlers were due to meet a day later at NJPW New Year Dash!! 2023 to become the provisional 2023 KOPW Champion and the first holder of the title to be inaugurated this year. It should be noted that NJPW does not recognize a legitimate champion until the year comes to an end.

Shingo Takagi ended up taking the victory this morning by applying a Last of the Dragon on Toru Yano. In this way, Takagi is the provisional KOPW 2023 Champion , since he will have to defend the title throughout the year and, if he manages to do so until the end of 2023, he will be able to become legitimate and recognized by New Japan Pro-Wrestling. in the ‘King of Pro Wrestling’ (KOPW).

The fights in which Shingo Takagi must defend his reward will have a stipulation chosen by his rivals and voted on by the fans. If Takagi loses the title throughout the year, the new champion must continue to defend it until the end of the year.