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Major League Wrestling (MLW) and Pro Wrestling TV presented episode 164 of MLW Fusion last night , held from Philadelphia’s 2300 Arena. As main attractions of the show is the fight for the Featherweight championship between Taya Valkyrie and Trish Adora. In addition, Richard Holliday will speak about his fight against cancer. Next, we leave you with the results of the show:

Matt Striker and Joe Dombrowski welcome us to a new episode of MLW Fusion. Both review the billboard where the main event between Taya Valkyrie and Trish Adora for the Featherweight championship stands out. César Durán is in charge of opening this week’s show . ‘El Jefe’ presents his new signing for Lucha AZTECA: Sam Adonis joins César Durán and debuts in MLW.

1. Sam Adonis defeated Johnny Patch. “El Rudo de las Chicas” was victorious in a quick and easy match in his MLW debut. After a few minutes of bragging and showing a bit of what he is capable of, Adonis applied the Orange Blossom Thunderdriver and won the match.

Dombrowski and Striker remind us that Richard Holliday will be speaking for the first time on MLW after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . After this, Sam Leterna interviews César Durán and Sam Adonis on the ramp. Leterna questions the reason for siding with Durán, something that bothers “El Jefe” a lot. Adonis calms him down and replies that he has been in Mexico for a long time battling with wrestlers and that what he has asked does not concern him in the least. Durán and Adonis leave the stage, leaving the interviewer without an answer.

Vignette of the rivalry between EJ Nduka and Alex Hammerstone in which it is announced that the Last Man Standing match for the maximum Major League Wrestling championship will take place at the premiere of MLW Underground Wrestling on REELZ , on February 7. MLW shows a new vignette of the return of Lio Rush.

Video of Alex Kane , who reviews his 2022 and predicts what his 2023 will be like. He assures that he will win the Opera Cup tournament, he will dominate and win the Battle Riot and after that, he will destroy Alex Hammerstone, proclaiming himself the maximum champion of MLW . After this, a MLW camera meets Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the Billington brothers in the parking lot. ‘The Bulldog’ talks about Alex Kane and the rumors to rename the Opera Cup tournament and assures that he can speak what he wants but that he is not going to destroy and trample on his family’s legacy, something that he will pay with a lot of interest when they see each other face to face.

We traveled to Japan, specifically to the 2021 DRAGONGATE and the DG Kobe Pro-Wrestling Festival 2021: Speed ​​Star Final event , to see the match for the Open the Dream Gate championship between Shun Skywalker and YAMATO and thus get to know a little more about what YAMATO is capable of, a Japanese wrestler who will soon step into the MLW ring.

2. YAMATO defeated Shun Skywalker. With this victory, YAMATO became a five-time champion and ended Shun Skywalker’s first reign as DRAGONGATE’s top champion, in an action-packed fight that is undoubtedly synonymous with the company from Kobe (Japan) and its particular style. (will fight).

Richard Holliday talks about his absence from the ring after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . ‘The Most Marketable’ explains the reason for his absence to those who are not aware of it and ensures that it was a shock to hear such news. However, he comments that he is trying to stay positive and working out at the gym 5-6 days a week. He comments that the doctors are surprised at how he is reacting to the chemotherapy and that he is feeling better every day but he cannot say when he will be ready to step back into the ring and return to wrestling, his passion and his life.

Next week we will see the debut of Delirious in MLW , who will team up with Mini Abismo Negro to face Microman and Lince Dorado in an Australian relay fight. After this we see Microman calmly having some snacks, when Sam Adonis and César Durán arrive with him. Adonis takes a garbage can next to it, empties it on top of Microman and puts the mini fighter inside who is helped by Lince Dorado. Durán talks to the Middleweight champion and tells him that now that he has a target on his back he needs help, his help and that of Lucha Azteca.

We review last week’s match between Ben-K and Jacob Fatu, on the way to SuperFight 2023 where Alex Hammerstone and the Samoan will meet again for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Speaking of Fatu, he sits with his brothers from the Samoan SWAT Team going over the opponents they’ve faced and fantasizing about a victory for “The Samoan Werewolf” in Philly. Juicy Finau jokes that he and Lance will get the pairs gold before Jacob gets his. Fatu gets “angry” and Lance calms the waters by saying that it doesn’t matter and that the important thing is that the future is golden for the SST. Joe Dombrowski announces the presence of Real 1 at the premiere of MLW Underground Wrestling on February 7 on REELZ.

3. Taya Valkyrie (accompanied by César Durán) defeated Trish Adora to retain the MLW World Featherweight Championship. ‘La Wera Loca’, with the help of César Durán, overcame the technical and tough style of ‘The Afro-Punk’ to get the victory and keep the title in his power. Taya took the match after Durán grabbed Trish Adora’s foot, causing the challenger to fall and the champion took advantage of the moment to surprise Trish Adora with the count of three.