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TNT Drama will broadcast the 114th episode of AEW Dynamite today, December 8, live from the UBS Arena in Belmont, NY.

During the last weeks there has been a convulsive moment within the world of wrestling caused by the words of former WWE wrestler CM Punk and MJF in his confrontation within the ring itself. The AEW news about it stayed there, but the WWE news emerged as a result of the statements of the WWE Edge wrestler in the WWE Raw red mark.

MJF reacts to comparisons in WWE

When the company that makes you the most competitive names you, it is normal to think that there may be a relationship or that it was simply the idea of ​​the fighters. Edge, wanted to continue with the game and mention MJF and what was said in the Dynamite promo on November 24.

It is the hot topic and the one that is giving the most to talk about within social networks by the fans. So much so, that MJF on the program  ‘Throwing Down’ on SiriusXM with Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate was asked about the relationship he may have with the WWE wrestler The Miz.

“You know, it’s a lot of fun and I’ll be completely honest, I think Miz is a tremendous, tremendous, tremendous performer. Keyword, ‘performer’… Yeah, and how can you not be [a fan of The Miz?] The guy is gold on the stick. In the ring, very solid too. I just think if I’m being completely fair here and I’m not talking shit, it’s just a fact. There are no holes in my game and that’s not a hit to Miz. Miz is cool, but it’s not me. Just like CM Punk is not me, just like Bryan Danielson is not me, just like Kenny Omega is not me. All of these guys are great, but they all lack something. For the life of me, Renee [Paquette], I’ve tried everything, I’ve studied my matches, my promotions. There’s nothing I can’t do and honestly sometimes it’s disheartening because I’d like to improve but I can’t. know? Is it even the point of trying more? It’s ridiculous.”

Match Card

  • Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal (two winners will meet in Winter is Coming)
    MJF vs. participants to be announced
  • Bryan Danielson vs. John silver
  • Riho vs. Jamie hayter
  • The Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor



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