Watch ADCC World Championships Day 2 9/18/22

Watch ADCC World Championships Day 2 9/18/2218th September 2022 Full Show Online

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Mat 1 Mat 2 Bronze 3 HOF Final Super Fight


Mat 1 Mat 2 Bronze 3 HOF Final Super Fight

The most anticipated event in the history of grappling, the 2022 ADCC World Championships in on FloGrappling. Ninety-six of the world’s best grapplers will spread across seven divisions to try and take home the coveted ADCC title. The two day event will bring athletes from across the globe, including returning champions, regional qualifiers, and long-time ADCC hopefuls.

Semifinal Round

Men +99kg

Gordon Ryan vs. Roosevelt Sousa

Nick Rodriguez vs. Felipe Pena

Men 99kg

Kaynan Duarte vs. Rafael Lovato Jr.

Craig Jones vs. Nicholas Meregali

Men 88kg

Giancarlo Bodoni vs. Eoghan O’Flanagan

Lucas Hulk Barbosa vs. Vagner Rocha

Men 77kg

PJ Barch vs. Kade Ruotolo

Dante Leon vs. Mica Galvao

Men -66kg

Diogo Reis vs. Josh Cisneros

Diego Pato Oliveira vs. Gabriel Sousa

Women -60kg

Bianca Basilia vs. Brianna Ste-Marie

Ffion Davies vs. Bia Mesquita

Women +60kg

Gabi Garcia vs. Amy Campo

Rafaela Guedes vs. Kendall Reusing


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