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Day 1 Main Mat1 Mat2 Mat3


Day 1 Main Mat 1 Mat 2 Mat 3

The ADCC Championship is just around the corner and it will be the biggest grappling event in history. This event sold out in record time, with 13,000 spectators buying tickets to see the best fighters in the world.

There are so many storylines leading up to the event and numerous potential matchups to get fans excited. Here’s our preview of the 2022 ADCC Championship, covering the brackets and highlighting some of the matches we’re most looking forward to seeing.

Andre Galvao vs. Gordon Ryan 

We can’t start our preview without covering the most anticipated match in Jiu Jitsu history. The legend and current ADCC superfighting champion against arguably the best fighter in the sport.

For over six years, Gordon Ryan has been calling for a match against André Galvão. There has been a lot of trash talk from both sides leading up to this match.

The drama peaked at a WNO event, where Ryan slapped Galvão across the face (twice). Over the years, both competitors have gone in and out of retirement, so it’s unclear whether or not the match would take place.

But after Galvão came out of retirement, Ryan quickly retired from Jiu Jitsu, not wanting to miss out on getting the match he’s been asking for.

Now, at this year’s ADCC Championship, the match we all wanted to see is finally happening. 

The Thomas and Mack Center will be electric when the main event between these two ends.

Coming off his win over Felipe Pena, Gordon has momentum on his side, but Galvão fans (and Ryan haters) are surely looking for an upset.

Division 99 Kg+ Men

The heavyweight division is always one of the most watched brackets in ADCC. This year brings us the most stacked heavyweight division (apologies for the pun) in the history of the event.

Former champions galore!

This year’s heavyweight division features five former ADCC champions , including reigning champion Gordon Ryan. In addition to former ADCC champions, there are IBJJF No-Gi champions and some of the best competitors on the pro circuits.

The potential matchups have grappling fans excited to see the big boys takedown. 

Potential showdown between Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez

Another story from the heavyweight division is the potential matchup of two former Danaher Death Squad teammates: Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez.

Nicky Rod burst onto the Jiu Jitsu scene in his phenomenal ADCC debut. Entering as an unknown, he took out not one but two former ADCC champions.

Ryan and Rodriguez became teammates after the event and trained together frequently. The Jiu Jitsu world was shocked when the DDS split , with the two going to separate camps.

We could potentially see a matchup between these two teammates in the later rounds of the tournament. If they meet in the tournament, all eyes will be on this match.

-99 Kg Men’s Division

Not to be outdone, the men’s -99kg division also has some big names. Returning heavyweight champion Kaynan Duarte has moved down to try to win his second ADCC title in a new division.

Duarte will have a lot of work ahead of him because there are no easy ways out of this. support . The group is packed with heavy hitters like former champion Yuri Simoes and fan favorites like Craig Jones, Rafael Lovato Jr and Pedro Marinho.

We will also see the debut of reigning IBJJF champion Nicholas Meregali, who just transitioned to no-gi this year. He has been training with Gordon Ryan ahead of the event, so he will be more than ready to compete with the best.

-88 Kg Men’s Division


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