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NOAH N1 Victory Day1 8/11/22

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Watch NOAH N1 Victory Day1 8/11/22 - 11th August 2022 Full Show Online Replay at Watch wrestling:- Watch Dailymotion 720p [su_button url="" target="blank" style="stroked"]Full show[/s...

Watch Top Rank Oscar Valdez vs Robson Conceicao 9/10/21

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Watch Top Rank Oscar Valdez vs Robson Conceicao 9/10/21 – 10th September 2021 Full Show Online:- Watch Dailymotion 720p HD [su_button url="

Watch AAA TripleMania XXIX 2021 8/14/21

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Watch AAA TripleMania XXIX 2021 8/14/21 - 14th August 2021 Full Show Online:- Watch Dailymotion [su_button url="

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We call sport a certain type of regulated competitive activities , the practice of which stimulates the physical, mental and social capacities of those who carry them out. They are distinguished from the game , in that sense, by requiring training , concentration and a certain range of skills, and by being considered a discipline that transcends the merely recreational.

Sports are an important part of contemporary life , both in their practice and in their dissemination and marketing as entertainment. Therefore, the professional practice of sports is usually supervised and regulated by various public and private institutions, although there are also unofficial sports variants that are practiced in a popular way.

Those who engage in one or more sports are known as athletes.

Sport types

Sports can be classified in many ways, since they are very numerous and varied. The best, in that sense, is to group them into specific categories, such as:

  • Watersports. Those that take place in bodies of water , usually controlled-environment swimming pools. For example: water polo, synchronized swimming, swimming, freediving.
  • Team sports. Those that require the organization of a team of several people , with assigned positions and more or less strict roles, to be able to play. For example: choreographic dance , canoeing.
  • motor sports. Those that require the use of some type of motorized vehicle, on land, water or air . For example: motocross, motor racing, karting.
  • table sports. Those that must be played on a table or a properly prepared static surface. For example: billiards, ping-pong, pool.
  • Extreme sports. Those in which the athlete is subjected to situations of physical risk and is in danger. Like mountain climbing, skydiving, surfing and bungee jumping.
  • Ball sports. Those who use various types of balls, balls or balls to play. For example: tennis, football, basketball , rugby, baseball.
  • Mind sports. Those in which the mind and not the body make the effort. For example: chess, checkers, Go and Bridge.

Another possible division distinguishes between summer sports (those that take place outdoors without problems) and winter sports (those that incorporate ice, snow or other activities typical of winter climates ).